Surgimed Medicine Refrigerator

Surgimed Medicine Refrigerator

The Surgimed Medicine Refrigerator, particularly the YC-130L model, is a cutting-edge solution for pharmaceutical refrigeration. This undercounter pharmacy refrigerator features a sleek, compact design that not only saves space but also delivers exceptional performance.

Key Features:

Smart Undercounter Design: With its smart undercounter size, this refrigerator effortlessly fits into various medical settings, offering easy access and optimal space utilization.

Intelligent Temperature Control: Equipped with an intelligent temperature controller, it maintains a stable temperature range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius, providing an ideal storage environment for pharmaceuticals.

Double-Layer Tempered Glass Door: The transparent double-layer tempered glass door is designed to prevent condensation and includes electrical heating to ensure clear visibility of stored items.

Multiple Alarm Functions: Safety is paramount. The refrigerator features multiple alarm functions that alert you to any temperature fluctuations or issues, guaranteeing the safety of your valuable pharmaceuticals.

Frost-Free Air Cooling: Thanks to its complete air-cooling design, frost buildup is a concern of the past, ensuring your pharmaceuticals remain in perfect condition.

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