Surgimed Coagulation Analyzer URIT-50

Surgimed Coagulation Analyzer URIT-50

The Surgimed URIT-50 Coagulation Analyzer is a high-performance, compact solution designed to elevate your coagulation testing processes. With its advanced features and efficient design, it ensures precise results for various clinical applications.

Key Features:

Dual-Channel Capability: The URIT-50 provides two independent testing channels, allowing for flexibility and enhanced throughput. Perform different tests simultaneously without compromising accuracy.

Sample Management: Equipped with a high-quality sample pipettor, this analyzer ensures precise sample handling and minimizes errors, contributing to result reliability.

Magnetic Circuit Bead Technology: The URIT-50 employs an advanced dual magnetic circuit bead method to improve the accuracy and efficiency of coagulation testing.

Economical Reagent Use: This analyzer is designed for efficiency, significantly reducing reagent consumption. It not only saves costs but also contributes to environmentally friendly laboratory practices.

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