Surgimed Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Chem-200

Surgimed Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Chem-200

The Surgimed Chem-200 is a fully automatic random access chemistry analyzer designed to empower your laboratory with exceptional throughput and versatility.

Key Features:

Impressive Throughput: Operating at a constant speed, this analyzer delivers results for up to 200 tests per hour, ensuring efficiency in your laboratory’s workflow.

Advanced Testing Methods: Utilizing various testing methods, including one-point end, two-points rate, mono/double wavelength, elimination of reagent and sample blank, and immunoturbidimetry, it provides comprehensive testing capabilities.

STAT Function: For emergency samples, the STAT function allows seamless addition during routine testing, minimizing disruptions.

Sample Management: The Chem-200 features a sample disk with 40 positions, accommodating routine samples, calibration, QC, and STAT positions. It is compatible with primary tubes and sample cups.

Collision Detection: The analyzer employs collision protection for probes and washing arms, ensuring smooth and safe operation.

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