Surgimed Blood Bag Tube Sealer

Surgimed Blood Bag Tube Sealer

The Surgimed Blood Bag Tube Sealer is meticulously designed to ensure the reliable sealing of blood bag tubes through a high-frequency dielectric heating system. It achieves a secure seal in less than 1.5 seconds per tube, making the process remarkably efficient.

Key Features:

Hemolysis Prevention: The sealing process is carefully executed to prevent hemolysis and blood leakage, preserving the integrity of the collected blood.

Rapid Sealing: With a quick sealing time of approximately 1.5 seconds per tube, this device streamlines the sealing process, enhancing productivity.

Easy to Operate: Simple and user-friendly operation makes it accessible for healthcare professionals.

Cutting Capability: The sealed tubes can be effortlessly cut by pulling the sealing section in both directions, further simplifying the procedure.

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