Surgimed Centrifuge

Surgimed Centrifuge

The Surgimed Centrifuge, available in 6-tube, 8-tube, and 12-tube models, is a powerhouse of precise centrifugation. Its robust plastic case with a metal lid ensures durability and safety during operation.

Key Features:

High-Speed Performance: This centrifuge boasts high-speed operation, making it ideal for quick centrifugation tasks in medical and surgical applications.

Stepless Speed Adjustment: Featuring stepless speed adjustment with a reader, you can accurately fine-tune the centrifugation process to meet specific requirements.

Safety First: Safety features include a mechanical door lock, safety switch, over-speed and imbalance alarms, and an automatic alarm after operation. It’s equipped with error code displays for added convenience.

Brushless Motor: The high-power brushless motor guarantees reliable and efficient performance.

LED Display: The LED display provides clear readouts for speed and timer settings, with microcomputer control for precision.

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