Surgimed Refrigerated Centrifuge Micro Controller

Surgimed Refrigerated Centrifuge Micro Controller

The Surgimed Microprocessor-controlled Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge is purpose-built for blood banks and blood component separation rooms. This specialized instrument excels in separating vital blood components, including Packed Cells, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Platelet Concentrate, Cryoprecipitate, and Buffy Coat, ensuring the highest level of precision.

Key Features:

Robust Construction: The instrument’s outer body is constructed from heavy gauge Mild Steel, expertly powder-coated for added durability. The inner chamber is crafted from corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel (304), providing a hygienic and long-lasting solution.

Advanced Insulation: This centrifuge is equipped with prompt PUF insulation, guaranteeing accurate and consistent cooling within the chamber.

Efficient Motor: The built-in brushless induction drive motor operates with minimal vibration and noise while ensuring smooth acceleration and deceleration for optimal performance.


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