Surgimed Chemiluminescence Analyzer

Surgimed Chemiluminescence Analyzer

The Surgimed Chemiluminescence Analyzer represents a pioneering advancement in clinical diagnostics. This remarkable instrument, boasting independent intellectual property rights in China, was introduced in 2011.

Key Features:

Swift and Accurate: With an impressive testing speed of 120 tests per hour (Ts/h), this analyzer ensures swift and precise results, facilitating efficient patient care.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Harnessing the power of enzymatic chemiluminescence using HRP substrates, it excels in immunological and labeling techniques, setting new standards in diagnostic accuracy.

Magnetic Particle Carrier: The incorporation of a magnetic particle carrier enhances the analyzer’s sensitivity and allows for a higher level of precision in diagnostic outcomes.

Magnetic Separation Technique: Featuring a magnetic separation technique, this analyzer ensures effective sample preparation, reducing interference and improving the reliability of results.

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