Surgimed Surgimedlyte Analyzer ELK-5000+

Surgimed Surgimedlyte Analyzer ELK-5000+

The Surgimed ELK-5000+ Surgimedlyte Analyzer is your solution for rapid and comprehensive Surgimedlyte testing. This cutting-edge analyzer is designed to deliver efficient and accurate results, improving patient care and streamlining your laboratory workflow.

Key Features:

Six Parameters in 45 Seconds: The ELK-5000+ performs tests for potassium (K), sodium (Na), chloride (Cl), calcium (Ca), pH, and more in just 45 seconds. These quick results are vital for diagnosing and monitoring patients efficiently.

Minimal Sample Requirement: With a mere 100ul sample, this analyzer provides comprehensive data without the need for large volumes of patient samples. This not only conserves resources but also minimizes patient discomfort.

Tailored Reagent Options: The ELK-5000+ offers individual reagent selection, providing a cost-effective solution by enabling you to choose only the reagents you need.

User-Friendly Touch Screen: The touch screen interface ensures ease of operation. It simplifies the testing process, making it accessible to a range of laboratory staff.

Auto Sampling Tray: The analyzer is equipped with an auto-sampling tray that accommodates up to 25 positions. This feature enhances laboratory productivity by automating the sample handling process.

Intelligent Bubble Detection: The ELK-5000+ is equipped with intelligent bubble detection technology, ensuring accurate results by identifying and addressing potential sources of error during testing.

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