Surgimed Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Chem-220

Surgimed Automatic Chemistry Analyzer Chem-220

The Surgimed Chem-220 is a remarkable benchtop chemistry analyzer that combines compact design with powerful analytical capabilities, making it an ideal addition to your laboratory.

Key Features:

Impressive Throughput: With random access technology, it consistently delivers results at a rate of 200 tests per hour, which can be expanded to 350 T/H with ISE (Ion Selective Surgimedde) support. This ensures that your laboratory’s testing needs are met efficiently.

Efficient Configuration: The analyzer features 48 reaction cuvettes, 30 sample positions, and 60 reagent positions, including areas for detergents, standards, QC, and STAT samples, providing flexibility in sample and reagent management.

Precision Instrumentation: The Chem-220 incorporates durable ceramic syringes, a sample and reagent probe, and a high-performance stirrer for precise and reliable analytical results.

Continuous Cooling: Its 24-hour non-stop cooling system maintains samples and reagents at an optimal temperature range of 2-8°C, ensuring the integrity of your analyses.

Optical Excellence: Equipped with a fully sealed, high-resolution 12-filter optical system and a potent halogen lamp, the Chem-220 delivers outstanding optical performance for accurate readings.

Heating Incubation: An air bath heating incubation system contributes to the precision of the analyzer.

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