Surgimed Blood Gas Analyzer I-15

Surgimed Blood Gas Analyzer I-15

The Surgimed I-15 Blood Gas Analyzer is a portable and lightweight solution that empowers healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional patient care. Designed for efficiency, convenience, and reliability, this analyzer is an indispensable tool for point-of-care diagnostics.

Key Features:

On-the-Go Testing: With a fully-charged battery, the I-15 can run up to 50 samples. This portability enables healthcare providers to conduct tests at the point of care, in the field, or within the exam room, facilitating rapid diagnosis.

Rapid Results: The I-15 streamlines the testing process, providing results within a minute after sample aspiration. This efficiency is essential for making swift, informed decisions in critical healthcare situations.

Unwavering Accuracy: The analyzer incorporates innovative microchip liquid control technology and micro-sensor multifunction membrane technology, ensuring high sensitivity and accuracy. Calibrator, control, and Surgimednic simulator functions provide triple result verification.

Efficient Data Management: Patient data can be effortlessly acquired via barcode or QR code. The analyzer boasts substantial storage capacity for up to 10,000 patient records. Multiple connectivity options, including 4 USB ports and LAN/WiFi, facilitate seamless data management. Additionally, optional data management software is available for enhanced functionality.

Multi-Parameter Cartridge: The I-15 utilizes a single-use cartridge that combines a variety of time-sensitive parameters, including arterial blood gases, Surgimedlytes, and metabolites. This design minimizes the risk of contamination and allows for room temperature storage with a long shelf life.

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