Surgimed Spectrophotometer

Surgimed Spectrophotometer

The Surgimed Spectrophotometer is not only a powerful analytical tool but also a sleek addition to your lab. With a unique streamlined design and innovative T.A.C.F function, it brings convenience and precision to your experiments.

Key Features:

Spacious Sample Room: The wide sample room accommodates 10cm colorimetric dishes, specially designed for testing solutions with low sugar content. It’s a valuable asset in various industries, including sugar, power, water treatment, and chemicals.

LCD Display with Backlight: The spectrometer features a user-friendly LCD display with backlight and functional indicators. It ensures clear readings and makes navigating through functions a breeze.

Auto Calibration: Enjoy hassle-free operations with the spectrophotometer’s ability to automatically adjust to 0% T (Transmittance) and 100% T. This calibration feature guarantees accurate and reliable results.

Enhance your lab’s analytical capabilities with the Surgimed Spectrophotometer. Its blend of aesthetics and functionality is perfect for various applications, including medical and surgical equipment testing.

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