Surgimed Drying Oven

Surgimed Drying Oven

The Surgimed Drying Oven is a reliable and efficient drying solution, perfect for various applications in the medical and surgical fields.

Key Features:

Horizontal Forced Air Design: This oven utilizes a horizontal forced air design, which optimizes space usage and ensures exceptional temperature uniformity.

Two Models: Choose between two models for your specific needs:

Model 101: Featuring a forced fan cooling intake system, this oven excels at low-temperature drying, with a maximum working temperature below 50°C. The fan’s longevity ensures consistent performance.
Model 202: This model adopts a classical natural convection drying method. It’s versatile for a range of applications.
New Anti-Hot Handle: Safety is a priority. The new anti-hot handle design makes it easy to open and close the door while ensuring your protection.

Size Options: Available in various sizes – small, medium, and large – catering to your capacity requirements.

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