Surgimed Drying Oven

Surgimed Drying Oven

The Surgimed Drying Oven is designed to meet your specific needs, with different sizes available – small, medium, and large. These ovens offer precise temperature control and outstanding temperature uniformity.

Key Features:

Forced Air Design: The horizontal forced air type oven ensures high space utilization and excellent temperature uniformity, making it ideal for various medical and surgical equipment applications.

Optimal Cooling: Our 101 model incorporates a forced fan cooling intake structure. It can handle a maximum working temperature of less than 50 degrees, with the fan designed for long-term, reliable operation.

Natural Convection: The 202 model employs classical natural convection drying, ensuring dependable performance.

Anti-Hot Handle: We’ve introduced a new anti-hot handle for your safety and convenience.

Surgimed Drying Ovens offer precision, durability, and flexibility to accommodate your equipment drying requirements, whether you’re in the medical or surgical field.

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