Surgimed Ventilator Machine

Surgimed Ventilator Machine

Versatile Application of Ventilator machine:
The Surgimed Ventilator machine is a life-saving apparatus suitable for various medical settings. It plays a crucial role in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and respiratory support. This ventilator is adept at addressing acute respiratory failure stemming from various causes and ensuring optimal oxygenation.

Key Features of Ventilator machine:

User-Friendly Design: The ventilator is designed with simplicity in mind. It’s equipped with four wheels, making it easy to maneuver within healthcare facilities.
Customized Care: Tailor the equipment to the unique needs of your patients and specific medical procedures.
Patient-Centered Ventilation: This device offers precision in anesthesia ventilation. It provides a range of modes to address diverse clinical situations, including IPPV, A/C, PCV, SIMV, SPONT/CPAP, PSV, SIGH, and MANU modes.
Proven Excellence: Developed and manufactured by Superstar Medical, a trusted name with over 23 years of experience in the medical field.
Adaptable Configurations: This ventilator offers flexible configurations, allowing you to adapt it to your facility’s specific requirements.
Global Compatibility: Built to international standards, it features advanced technology suitable for a wide range of clinical applications.
Intuitive Interface: The compact interface and sizable screen contribute to an improved user experience.
Proven Track Record: With over 2,000 units installed worldwide, this ventilator has earned its reputation as a reliable and effective solution for medical ventilation needs.

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Surgimed Ventilator Machine – Innovative Features for Enhanced Care:

Experience top-tier ventilation support with the Surgimed Ventilator Machine, boasting an array of advanced features designed to optimize patient care:

Intuitive Display: A 12.1” TFT LCD screen offers clear visualization of ventilation parameters, alarming notifications, and waveforms, facilitating precise monitoring.

Sustainable Design: Featuring a recycle breathing pipe, this system ensures both ease of operation and a clutter-free workspace, enhancing overall efficiency.

Versatile Modes: Adapt the ventilator machine to a diverse range of patients with multiple working modes, including volume control and pressure limit options.

Enhanced Safety: The incorporated vaporizer includes temperature and flow compensation mechanisms, along with a self-lock function, guaranteeing safety at all times.

Comprehensive Monitoring: The ventilator provides a multifaceted parameter monitoring interface, delivering clear insights into the patient’s condition from various angles.

Real-Time Data: Gain real-time insights with pressure-time and flow-time loop graphics, along with high-precision O2 concentration detection functionality.

Quiet Operation: The air compressor ensures a stable and low-noise working environment, creating a peaceful workspace for healthcare professionals.