Surgimed iHope RS Ventilator

Surgimed iHope RS Ventilator

Surgimed iHope RS Ventilator – Advanced Critical Care Support:

Elevate your critical care capabilities with the Surgimed iHope RS Ventilator. Packed with innovative features, this life-saving device is designed to meet the demanding needs of various medical scenarios.

Compact Design: The main unit boasts dimensions of 310mm * 327mm * 493mm, providing space-saving convenience. With the trolley, it stands at 664mm * 600mm * 1520mm for added mobility.

Vivid Display: Experience clarity with an 18.5-inch TFT touch screen offering a display resolution of 1080 * 1920 pixels. Adjust brightness to suit your preferences.

Lightweight & Portable: Weighing approximately 12.0kg for the main unit and 33.0kg with the trolley, this ventilator is remarkably portable.

Gas Supply: The device utilizes medical-grade oxygen, ensuring a safe and reliable gas source. It connects seamlessly with NIST or DISS pipe connectors.

Patient-Centric Ventilation: Adapt to the needs of adult, pediatric, and neonatal patients with customizable ventilation modes, from volume control to pressure control options.

Comprehensive Modes: Choose from invasive ventilation modes such as VCV, PCV, and more. Non-invasive modes like CPAP and S/T provide versatile options for a wide range of patients.

The Surgimed iHope RS Ventilator is a reliable, user-friendly solution for delivering critical care and respiratory support, ensuring the well-being of patients across various medical scenarios.

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