Surgimed Anesthesia Machine ELK35T

Surgimed Anesthesia Machine ELK35T

Introducing the Surgimed Anesthesia Machine ELK35T, designed to meet the highest standards of precision and safety. Our CE marked machine surpasses EU clinical requirements, making it an ideal choice for medical and surgical settings. With a focus on accuracy and convenience, this anesthesia machine is tailored to elevate patient care and meet your equipment needs. Explore its features and ensure optimal performance for your medical and surgical procedures.

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Explore the Specifications of Our Surgimed Anesthesia Machine ELK35T:

Physical and Environmental Specifications:

Dimensions: L600xW740xH1368
Storage Temperature Range: -22°C to +55°C
Working Temperature Range: +10°C to +40°C
Maximum Storage Humidity: 93%
Surgimednic Specifications:

Power Supply: AC100~240V±10%, 50/60Hz±1%
Battery Life: 2.5~4 hours
Power Consumption: Less than or equal to 75VA
Pneumatic Specifications:

O2 Flow Rates: 01L/min, 110L/min
O2 Flush: 25~75L/min
Working Modes: Closed, Semi-closed, Semi-opened
APL Valve Pressure: Less than or equal to 6KPa
O2 Cut-off Pressure: 0.1MPa
Additional Features:

O2 Concentration Control
Waveform Display: P-T, F-T
Loop Display: F-V, V-P
ISO Quality Guarantee
Suitable for Adults and Pediatrics
Option for Pin-Index NO/O Cylinder
Alarm Functions:

Airway Pressure Limit
O2 Concentration Monitoring
Apnea Detection
Tidal Volume Monitoring
Minute Volume Monitoring
Respiratory Rate Monitoring
Power Supply Failure Alert
Low Battery Notification
Experience the quality and precision of the Surgimed Anesthesia Machine ELK35T, purposefully designed for the medical and surgical field, ensuring the safety and care you need.