Surgimed Anesthesia Machine ELK55T

Surgimed Anesthesia Machine ELK55T

Cutting-Edge Anesthesia Machine ELK55T Technology:
Our ELK55T represents a pinnacle of anesthesia machinery, designed with advanced technology to cater to a wide range of patients.

Pediatric to Adult Care:
With its versatility, this machine supports neonates, pediatric patients, and adults, ensuring comprehensive care.

Optimal Low Flow Management:
Meeting the demands of low-flow requirements is a breeze, thanks to its multi-parameter monitoring capabilities.

Surgimednic Precision:
Featuring an Surgimednic flowmeter known for high accuracy and an intuitive display, this machine leaves no room for error.

Enhanced Comfort and Safety:
The ELK55T boasts an integrated high-temperature sterilization CO2 absorber system, coupled with an ergonomic breathing circuit equipped with heating and bypass functions for patient comfort.

Reliable Gas Handling:
Rest assured, our machine offers a safe and reliable gas system for your peace of mind.

EU Clinical Compliance:
With the CE mark, it meets the clinical requirements stipulated by the European Union.

Elevate your anesthesia procedures with the Surgimed Anesthesia Machine ELK55T, your trusted ally in delivering exceptional patient care.

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Discover the Surgimed Anesthesia Machine ELK55T:

Robust Specifications:

Physical & Environmental Excellence: Measuring 600x1368x740mm and weighing 130kg, this machine can thrive in temperatures ranging from -10°C to +60°C. It operates smoothly in conditions between +10°C and +40°C while maintaining a storage humidity level of 15% to 90%.
Electrical Expertise: It’s powered by a mains supply of 100-240VA C, 50-60Hz and comes with a 24VDC battery that ensures a minimum 120 minutes of operation.
Versatile Ventilation:

Catering to All Ages: The ELK55T covers the ventilation needs of adults, pediatrics, and neonates.
A Spectrum of Modes: Choose from a range of ventilation modes, including VCV, PSV, PCV, SIMV, Standby, and Manual.
Customizable Settings: This machine offers touch key and navigator wheel knob controls, complemented by a touch screen interface for ease of use.
Parameter Flexibility: Adjust tidal volumes from 20ml to 1500ml, set ventilation frequencies between 0 and 100 breaths per minute, and configure I:E ratios from 10:1 to 1:10.