Surgimed Urine Analyzer URIT-50

Surgimed Urine Analyzer URIT-50

The Surgimed URIT-50 Urine Analyzer is a versatile and reliable tool for accurate urinalysis, ensuring you get the most out of your diagnostic capabilities.

Key Features:

Cutting-Edge Light Source: Equipped with a cold light source that offers exceptional stability and a long lifespan. This ensures consistent and reliable urinalysis results over time.

Built-in Thermal Printer: The URIT-50 boasts an internal thermal printer for convenient, on-the-spot result documentation.

User-Friendly: This analyzer is designed for ease of use, making it cost-efficient and ensuring consistently high-quality results. It’s an ideal addition to any clinical setting.

Seamless Connectivity: The URIT-50 features an RS232 serial interface, enabling easy connection to a host PC or LIS (Laboratory Information System). Additionally, it supports barcode readers for enhanced efficiency in data management.

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