Surgimed Table Top Steam Sterilizer

Surgimed Table Top Steam Sterilizer

The Surgimed Table Top Steam Sterilizer is meticulously designed to provide both precision and safety in sterilization. This table-type sterilizer is engineered for a wide range of applications, making it ideal for dental clinics, hospitals, school labs, scientific research institutions, and laboratories.

Key Features:

Automated Control: Safety is paramount. These sterilizers come equipped with reliable auto-control mechanisms, ensuring that the sterilization process is carefully monitored and regulated.

Versatile Use: The Surgimed Table Top Steam Sterilizer is incredibly versatile, accommodating the sterilization needs of surgical, dental, and eye instruments, as well as glassware, medicines, culture media, biological dressings, and even food items.

Precision Sterilization: Achieve impeccable sterilization results, thanks to precise control mechanisms that maintain the required temperature, pressure, and timing throughout the sterilization cycle.

Compact Design: Its compact table-top design ensures it can be conveniently placed in various settings, making it accessible when needed.

This sterilizer offers the perfect solution for healthcare facilities, laboratories, and institutions requiring precise sterilization for a wide array of items. Surgimed assures you the highest standards in sterilization and safety.

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Characteristics: Sterilizing course: Automatic sterilization controlled by computer, easy to operate.
Maximum temperature: 134o C suitable for 1-6 minutes flash sterilizing.
Safe protection or water lacking.
With over heat and over pressure protection.
After sterilization it will automatically cut the power and then alarm.
Fully stainless steel structure.