Surgimed Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer

Surgimed Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer

The Surgimed Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer is your reliable partner for precise and efficient sterilization. This versatile device harnesses the power of saturated steam to sterilize a wide range of articles. It’s a valuable addition to various settings, from hospitals and clinics to scientific research institutes and industrial enterprises.

Key Features:

Efficient Sterilization: Using saturated steam, this sterilizer ensures the rapid and thorough sterilization of medical equipment, surgical dressings, glass utensils, solutions, substrata, and more.

Versatile Applications: Besides medical use, this sterilizer can be employed as a versatile tool in industrial and mining enterprises. It can function as a cooker in high-altitude areas and produce high-quality drinking water.

Portable Design: Its portable nature allows you to bring the benefits of sterilization to various locations, ensuring that you have a dependable method for maintaining a sterile environment.

Quality Assurance: The Surgimed Portable Pressure Steam Sterilizer guarantees the highest quality standards for sterilization, making it an ideal choice for professionals in various fields.

Whether you need to sterilize medical equipment, ensure the quality of drinking water, or require a versatile tool for laboratory work, this sterilizer has you covered. It’s an indispensable device for precision sterilization in any environment.

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Characteristics: Fully stainless steel structure.
Double scale indication pressure gauge.
ElecLric heated.
Easy to operate, safe and reliable.