Surgimed Intelligent Blast Drying Oven Model-THG9000 series | Medical Equipment

Surgimed Intelligent Blast Drying Oven Model-THG9000 series | Medical Equipment

The Surgimed Intelligent Blast Drying Oven, THG9000 series, stands as a paragon of precision and efficiency in the realm of drying technology. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it redefines the standards for drying equipment in medical and surgical applications.

Key Features:

Premium Construction: The chamber boasts superior stainless steel or mirror-finish stainless steel, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. The exterior is coated with plastic powder for added safety and aesthetics. The double-decked tempered glass allows for easy observation.

Microcomputer Control: Harness the power of microcomputer control, offering temperature setting, double digital display, and PID self-setting functionality. This ensures precise and reliable drying conditions.

Advanced Protection: Equipped with over-temperature auto-protection and time setting, the oven minimizes undulatory properties and ensures a secure drying environment.

Versatile Operation: Enjoy the flexibility of separate operation for churning-up hot air circulation and blasting and heating functions. This versatility allows for tailored drying processes.

Alarming Functions: Benefit from multiple alarming functions that include churned-up hot air circulation and low heat age loss. These ensure that the drying process is not only efficient but also safe.

Uniform Temperature: The hot air circle system, composed of exit fans and a well-designed fan duct, maintains low noise levels while ensuring uniform chamber temperature. This is paramount for consistent and reliable drying.

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Annotate: A-the inner chamber is made up of galvanized sheet.
AS- the inner charmber is made up of mirror-finish stain steel sheet.

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