Surgimed TG Series Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

Surgimed TG Series Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

The Surgimed TG Series Pulse Vacuum Autoclave represents the pinnacle of sterilization technology, catering to the stringent demands of the healthcare sector.

Key Features:

Efficient Sterilization: This autoclave employs saturated steam as its sterilization medium, ensuring thorough, high-temperature sterilization with the release of a significant amount of heat during the condensation phase.

Humidity Control: The unit maintains the sterilizing environment at a specific temperature and humidity, a critical factor in effective sterilization.

Pulsating Vacuum Technology: By incorporating pulsating vacuum exhausting, it eliminates the impact of cold air, guaranteeing a consistent and optimal sterilization process.

Drying and Dehumidification: Thanks to the vacuum and dehumidification between the jacketed layers, your sterilized items are not only pathogen-free but also thoroughly dried and ready for use.

Quality Assurance: The Surgimed TG Series is designed to meet the high standards of the medical and surgical industry, ensuring that the sterilization process is effective and dependable.

Broad Applications: This autoclave is suitable for a wide range of healthcare applications, from surgical instruments to laboratory equipment.

The Surgimed TG Series Pulse Vacuum Autoclave is your trusted partner in maintaining a sterile healthcare environment. Its cutting-edge technology ensures the utmost quality, making it an essential addition to any medical facility. Rely on Surgimed for your sterilization needs and prioritize the health and safety of your patients.

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Structure and Characteristic of the Equipment Body of the sterilizer: It is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB IS() “rhe Pressure Vessel”. GB 8599 ”The Technical Requirements or Large Steam Sterilizer- Automatic Control Protocol”, and TSG R0004 the “Safety and Technology Specification for Fixed Monitor Vessels” and related inspection procedures.
The chamber in horizontal rectangular shape with double-layer structure is made from S30408.
Door scaling: Pneumatic scaling; both doors are interlocked and completely conform to the requirements of the specification.
Wilh Standard GMP authentication interface. Sterilizer control system: SIEMENS PLC and SIEMENS touch screen, this system is easy to implememt the program selection, parameter setting, equipment operation, report processing and other functions. It has perfect safety measures. The FO value and the temperature time gives double guarantee for sterilization. A single parameter control is also available. It has a perfect sterilization records. Sterilizer piping system: the pipeline is designed with the best configuration. All the spares arc from qualified brands at home and abroad.