Elevate your neurological studies with the MYOGRAPH – SCORPIO, a versatile and feature-rich EMG system:

  • 2/4 Channel EMG: Perform comprehensive EMG, EP, NCS, and autonomic studies with simultaneous display of 2/4 channel EMG acquisition.
  • Shock Simulator: Includes salient features such as current adjustment, start/stop, save, live/averaging, and a latency/intensity graph for precise control.
  • Compatibility: Fully functional on all Microsoft Windows platforms, with the ability to export data to MATLAB/LAB view.
  • Customizable Settings: Digitally signed driver with numerous user-editable settings for tailored usage.
  • Support & Upgrades: Enjoy free lifetime online support and software upgrades, ensuring your system remains up-to-date and efficient.

Choose the MYOGRAPH – SCORPIO for advanced EMG capabilities, offering unparalleled performance and support for your neurological research and diagnostics.

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Features: 2/4 Channel EMG.
Capable to perform EMG EP/ NCS / AUTONOMIC studies.
Simultaneous display of 2/4 channel EMG acquisition.
Salient features of shock simulator – current adjustment,
Start/stop, save, live/averaging. Latency/intensity graph.
Work on all Microsoft windows platform.
Export the data to MATLAB/LAB view.
Digitally signed driver with lots of user editable ordefined settings.
Free lifetime online support & software up- gradation.

Application: To find diseases that damage tissues, nerves or the junctions
between nerves and muscles (neuromuscular junctions).