Surgimed HF 59R Series : DIGISCAN

Surgimed HF 59R Series : DIGISCAN

Application: Latest Flat Panel Detector for multiple procedures under floroscopy Rating: 6 / 15 KW Product: Modular C- Arm with Flat Panel Detector (FPD)

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Elevate your radiographic imaging experience with the HF 59R Series: DIGISCAN. Engineered for precision and efficiency, this cutting-edge system integrates advanced technology to meet the demands of modern healthcare facilities.

Featuring a sleek and intuitive design, the HF 59R Series: DIGISCAN combines a robust structure with sophisticated functionality. Its actuator-assisted C-arm enhances maneuverability while ensuring stability during procedures. Foldable monitors mounted on a modular trolley provide flexibility and convenience, optimizing workflow in diverse clinical environments.

Powered by Synergy (1K x 1K) imaging System, the HF 59R Series: DIGISCAN delivers exceptional image quality with high resolution and clarity. Equipped with DICOM 3.0 connectivity, seamless integration into existing networks is effortless, enabling efficient data management and sharing across departments.

Experience the future of radiographic imaging with the HF 59R Series: DIGISCAN. From routine examinations to complex procedures, this innovative system sets a new standard in radiology, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver superior patient care with confidence and precision.

Features: A 20cm x 20cm / 30cm x 30cm full view Flat Panel Detector.
Powered by Synergy (1K x 1K) imaging software.
Customized user selectable imaging parameters.
Broad portfolio of applications.
Excellent image quality with low dose.