Surgimed CR 10-X

Surgimed CR 10-X

Product: Agfa – Allengers CR System (Digitizer).

Features: Convenient and fast workflow.
Robust yet easy to install and maintain.
Fits in small spaces and suited for mobile applications.
Network capabilities delivered seamless integration.

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Experience unparalleled convenience and speed with the CR 10-X. Designed for seamless workflow, this robust system is remarkably stand easy to in maintain, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Despite its compact size, the CR 10-X packs a punch, fitting effortlessly into small spaces and catering to mobile applications. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for healthcare settings where space is limited or mobility is essential.

Additionally, the CR 10-X boasts network capabilities that facilitate seamless integration into existing systems, enabling efficient data management and sharing across departments. Whether in a bustling hospital or a remote clinic, the CR 10-X delivers exceptional performance, making radiography simpler and more efficient than ever before.