Surgimed TG Series Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

Surgimed TG Series Pulse Vacuum Autoclave

Discover the Surgimed TG Series Pulse Vacuum Autoclave, a paramount innovation in the world of sterilization, tailored to meet the exacting demands of the medical sector.

Standout Features:

Intuitive Touchscreen Control: The 7″ capacitive touch screen empowers fully automated control, making operation a breeze.

Elevating Door: The elevating door design adds convenience, facilitating easy loading and retrieval of items from the autoclave.

One-Key Operation: The entire sterilization process, from water inlet to pulse vacuum, heat, sterilization, water outlet, exhausting, and vacuum drying, is seamlessly executed with a single button press.

Pulse Vacuum Precision: Operating at a limit of -0.080Mpa, it guarantees the most thorough sterilization results.

Efficient Steam Generation: A separate steam generator enhances energy efficiency while safeguarding sterilized items against oxidation.

Custom Programs: Multiple pre-loaded programs cater to diverse sterilization needs, accommodating a wide array of items.

PT-TT Testing Port: This feature simplifies testing procedures, ensuring the autoclave’s optimal performance.

SARTORIUS Sterile Ventilation Filter: Fitted with a German-engineered SARTORIUS Sterile ventilation filter (MIDISART 2000 0.20 µm), it ensures sterile air circulation and prevents contamination.

Steam-Water Inner Circulation System: This innovation minimizes steam discharge, creating a clean and dry sterilization environment.

The Surgimed TG Series Pulse Vacuum Autoclave stands as a paragon of quality and efficiency. Elevate your sterilization standards by embracing this advanced technology, the ideal choice for medical and surgical facilities committed to patient safety. Rely on Surgimed for your sterilization needs and lead in healthcare excellence.

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