Surgimed Pulse Vacuum Automatic

Surgimed Pulse Vacuum Automatic

The Surgimed Pulse Vacuum Automatic Steam Sterilizer stands as a symbol of innovation and precision in the world of sterilization. Assembled with a robust heating system and micro-computer controlled technology, this equipment ensures reliable and effective sterilization processes. With built-in safety measures to prevent overheating and overpressure, it’s a trusted choice for clinics, scientific research institutes, and other organizations seeking to sterilize surgical instruments, textiles, glassware, culture media, and more.

Key Features:

Pulse Vacuum Technology: Harnessing the power of pulse vacuum technology, this sterilizer guarantees effective and eco-friendly sterilization, all while conserving energy.

Micro-Computer Precision: The integrated micro-computer control system offers unmatched precision and consistency, elevating your sterilization outcomes.

Safety First: With dedicated safety systems in place, including protection against overheating and overpressure, this equipment prioritizes the well-being of users and the longevity of sterilized items.

Eco-Conscious Design: The sterilizer’s design emphasizes environmental responsibility, promoting energy conservation and eco-friendly sterilization practices without compromising performance.

Versatile Application: Tailored to meet a wide range of sterilization needs in clinics, research facilities, and various other organizations, this sterilizer is the trusted choice for sterilizing diverse equipment and materials.

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Characteristics: Fully automatically, no need for supervision, easy to use.
Touch key, self-define of the sterilizing data.
Hand wheel type for quick -open the door, Self inflating type seal and with door safety lock system.
Equiped with electric pressure temperature controller, constant voltage and temperature can be automatically kept when the unit reach the selling parameter.
Rapid sterilizing, only required 4-6 mins.
The sterilizing drum made of high quality stainless steel.
Over temperature and over pressure self protection: if the inner pressure is over 0.245mpa,the safety valve will be turn on automatically.
The full unit is made of nice quality stainless steel, and stand well.
Adopted with immersed heating. with high heating efficiency.
Self protection of water lacking.
Automatically shut off with beep reminding after sterilization.