Surgimed Intravenous Infusion Set

Surgimed Intravenous Infusion Set

Reliable and Precise Fluid Delivery

The Surgimed Intravenous Infusion Set is a trusted and essential tool in medical settings, ensuring the controlled and accurate delivery of fluids and medications to patients. Designed with precision and safety in mind, this infusion set guarantees efficient treatment administration while prioritizing patient comfort.

Key Features:

Precision Flow Control: Surgimed’s Infusion Set allows healthcare professionals to precisely regulate the flow rate of fluids or medications. This ensures that the patient receives the prescribed treatment at the correct pace.

Secure Connection: The set is equipped with a secure and leak-resistant connection mechanism, reducing the risk of unintended disconnection during treatment. This connection mechanism guarantees that every drop of the fluid reaches the patient.

Flexible Tubing: The tubing in this infusion set is flexible, making it easy to handle and maneuver. This flexibility is essential for healthcare providers, ensuring smooth and comfortable treatment administration.

Sterile and Single-Use: Surgimed’s Infusion Set is manufactured to meet strict sterilization standards. Each set is intended for single-use, preventing the risk of contamination or infection.

Diverse Compatibility: This infusion set is compatible with a wide range of IV solutions and medications. It can be used in various clinical settings to administer the appropriate treatment.

Air-Release Vent: To maintain the integrity of the fluid flow and prevent air from entering the patient’s bloodstream, the infusion set includes an air-release vent.

Ergonomic Design: The design of this infusion set prioritizes ease of use for healthcare professionals. It features an ergonomic roller clamp for seamless flow rate adjustment.

Needle Safety: Surgimed’s Infusion Set is equipped with a sharp and ultra-thin needle for minimal patient discomfort during insertion. The sharpness of the needle ensures a swift and virtually painless entry.

Safety Cap: To maintain sterility and safety, the set comes with a protective cap that safeguards the needle when not in use.

Clear and Accurate Calibration: The tubing is calibrated with clear markings, aiding healthcare providers in setting the correct flow rate with precision.

Latex-Free: The infusion set is entirely latex-free, reducing the risk of allergies or sensitivities.

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