Surgimed Dental Chair

Surgimed Dental Chair

The Surgimed Dental Chair is a testament to cutting-edge dental technology, elevating the patient experience and enhancing the precision of dental procedures. This modern chair is equipped with a comprehensive range of features, all designed to make dental treatments more efficient, comfortable, and precise.

Key Features:

Electric Valve Control: The Surgimed Dental Chair is entirely controlled by an electric valve, providing precise and effortless adjustments tailored to each patient’s needs.

Advanced LED Sensor Lamp: The chair features a non-stage LED sensor lamp that delivers bright, focused illumination for dental procedures, ensuring optimal visibility in the oral cavity.

DC Motor: With a DC motor, this chair offers smooth and reliable operation. It’s a key component for ensuring that adjustments and positioning are responsive and accurate.

Automatic Thermostatic Water Supply: The chair incorporates an automatic thermostatic water supply system, guaranteeing the delivery of water at the perfect temperature for various dental applications.

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Specification : Supply Voltage110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz
Air Pressure>0.55Mpa
Water Pressure 0.2Mpa-.04Mpa
Lowest position of chair 440mm
Highest position of chair 860mm
Chair-back highest 5°
Chair-hack lowest 85°
Package and size : Wooden cases 136*96*112cm (L*W*H)